RE:Brothers BBQ New Windsor NY /UNCLE BROTHAS BBQ is the Place!

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2010/03/05 12:48:50
seafarer john

In September I went looking for Brothers and could not find it. Asked at the gas station at the five corners and they never heard of it. So, I assumed they had gone out of business. Next time, after revisiting Christines, a fine BBQ joint on lower Broadway in Newburgh, I'll try once more to connect with Brothers.

BTW: A new BBQ is opening soon in Modena (on 44/55 about a mile west of rt 32) - I think it's called "Bruddas"...

Cheers, John  

NOT "Uncle Brudda's BBQ".  Opening again this spring. Soon
Hey HotDog King and all others  The Place you are thinking of is  UNCLE BROTHAS BBQ located at 1955 Rt 4455 Modeana NY. It will be opening shortly this spring, the food is Excellent and Price is right.
The Pit Master is Very Friendly and Curteous and gives a nice portion of food.
This BBQ was located in Walden off of St Andrews road prior to its location now and I have eaten both lunch and dinner there numerous times The food is outta this world.
I can try and get more info for anyone who is interested when I know more.
Thanks Pork Lover
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RE:Brothers BBQ New Windsor NY /UNCLE BROTHAS BBQ is the Place! 2011/10/06 23:18:33
Brothers" in New Windsor burned down. Looks like they are taking the building a door or two down when I went by today.  'Uncle Brotha's" that used to be on st Andrews in Walden  live right around the corner and was very sorry to see him go!) and supposedly moved to 44/55 in modena is not there!!! I went by today!  I saw no trace of him there. over the winter i did a job in the clintondale area and saw his trailer parked near an orchard property but cannot for the life of me remember where that was! A new bbq guy has a trailer outside the village of walden on the rte 52 side. since i could not find uncle brotha in modena i stopped in there on my way back from a few appointments. was ok. uncle brothas food was the best. other bbq places around; good one at the top of 209 in accord (same trailer as uncle brotha). Good one in the village of monroe (forgot the name). Good one in the village of florida; chumleys. Fort montgomery too; (barn stormer).
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RE:Brothers BBQ New Windsor NY /UNCLE BROTHAS BBQ is the Place! 2011/10/07 10:54:38
Hello all ,
Another good one where we had a roadfood meet back in the Spring is Brians Backyard BBQ on Rt 211 in Middletown heading out towards Montgomery .
Tell Brian Benzee sent ya