BBQ Trailer Columbus, OH

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/03/11 14:18:26
Well we had a report from a good pizza place in Columbus that is connected to a conveinence store:
Now I found a good BBQ trailer that sets up 4 days a week in a conveinence store parking lot at the corner of Pacemont and High St. - Smackies BBQ pit!/group.php?gid=194495415959
I've been three times now and not been disappointed.  You can get a huge pulled pork sandwich for $4 and it has a very nice smokey flavor.  The bun is nothing special so next time I might just get it without it.  He has 4 sides (cole slaw, beans, mac and cheese, and greens).  The beans were excellent but the mac and cheese is nothing special.  Almost KFC like in consistency.  I will try the greens next time.  I also got a rib sampler once and they were very good as well.  Smokey and not quite fall of the bone so there was some chew.  Each time I have ordered the hot BBQ sauce which is just a little spicy. 
My understanding is that he used to have a restaurant on Cleveland Ave (Smackies) but they didn't make it so he has gone mobile.
Here's another review by a local blogger:
I plan to give him a lot of business on Fridays now that the snow is gone.
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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:BBQ Trailer Columbus, OH 2010/03/11 14:30:07
There was a Smackies on Hamilton Road between Morse and 161 a year or so ago for about three months before it was shuttered. I tried it once. didn't like it at all.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:BBQ Trailer Columbus, OH 2010/06/17 13:18:57
I had this again today for lunch.  Great pulled pork as usual.  I am updating because I found out he is offering grass fed brisket on Sundays only.  Also, he has re-named it Ray Ray's Hog Pit. 
TJ Jackson
Re:BBQ Trailer Columbus, OH 2010/06/17 13:38:30
would definitely like to hear more about the pizza joint too