Homemade corned beef in Madison WI

2010/03/12 08:10:45
Today's Wisconsin State Journal has a story about The Coopers tavern just off of the Square, and with St. Patrick's Day just around the corner the focus was on the reuben sandwich and how the head chef not only cures his own corned beef but even makes the cure from scratch.  The menu description's a little ways down on this page.  I wonder if I could order a reuben without the kraut and with mustard in place of the dressing.
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Re:Homemade corned beef in Madison WI 2010/03/12 08:13:00
See if you can get the recipe for the corned beef cure.
Re:Homemade corned beef in Madison WI 2010/03/12 11:10:13
I suspect that he's not likely to part with that.  In the article he sort of hinted at some of the ingredients but didn't say anything definitive.

And I really don't want to run the risk of getting clocked with a Jameson's bottle.