Peeps...Chocolate covered!

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/03/15 08:54:41
Anyone tried them? Can you get them "stale" for those that prefer them that way?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/03/15 10:04:00

My mom found them and bought some for me.  I haven't gone to see her yet, so I haven't tried them.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/03/15 11:25:08
Nah, you don't want 'em stale. You want to put them into the microwave and watch them. Geesh, my kids are over 30 and it's still something that amuses them. If they're now available in chocolate covered, this could get very interesting.
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/04/01 23:59:55
Why, what happens when you microwave them?! 

The Washington Post has an annual Peeps diorama contest:

Filet Mignon
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/04/02 01:10:56

Why, what happens when you microwave them?! 

The Washington Post has an annual Peeps diorama contest:

Your answer:
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/04/02 14:24:01
I guess my SoCal desert upbringing would make me an "Organic Peep-Raiser" ??? The only way we would create that wonderful "Stale Snap" was to sit the packages of Yellow or Pink on the dashboard of the car/truck for a few hours in the desert sun. NO MICROWAVES ALLOWED !!

Chocolate-coated ??? No Way !!!
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/04/02 14:41:11
I agree, Mayor al.....  When I was living in Hawaii, the dang things never dried out - - I had a package for over a year and they stayed soft and squishy....  Sheesh....

However, I had an ace in the hole - - a daughter in Colorado....  I would send her a few bucks so that she could pick up some cheap peeps after Easter and punch holes in the packages for me...  By the time I made my annual trip, they were just perfect....

The other thing that was fun in Colorado was buying and opening a new jar of Marshmallow Fluff.....  As soon as the lid pressure was relieved, the contents would expand and lift the inner liner up a good inch or two!!!! 

I am easily amused.....

My daughter tells me that she saw the chocolate covered peeps at Walgreens....  Some better show up on my Easter Basket on Sunday!!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/04/20 13:37:23
Oh I love peeps! I never saw them chocolate covered! Too bad I missed it I would love to have tried it. I recently saw the cute Peep dioramas. They are so clever!
Re:Peeps...Chocolate covered! 2010/04/20 14:11:22
Me love any marshmallow thangs when stale.