Pittsburgh Strip District Breakfasts

Fire Safety Admin
Re:Pittsburgh Strip District Breakfasts 2010/03/17 13:09:22
Well, I have never had anything but dinner at Roland's.  And of course, Primanti's, which is open 24 hours a day, doesn't serve what most would consider breakfast food.  So my list would be very similar:
1) Jo-Jo's
2) Pamela's
3) DeLuca's
4) Primanti's
Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pittsburgh Strip District Breakfasts 2010/03/17 16:44:21
I haven't been to Roland's, but I don't see anything breakfasty on the online menu.

My own ranking would probably be 
1. DeLuca's
2. Pamela's
3. Jo-Jo's
4. Primanti's

But that's really based on only a single visit to each of Jo-Jo's and DeLuca's.
Re:Pittsburgh Strip District Breakfasts 2010/03/17 17:22:57
Come to think of it, its probably been quite a while since I ate breakfast at Rolands - about two expansions ago.

I started out in the late 1960's going to Vince and Henry's (DeLuca brothers) before the next generation of DeLucas took over. 

Then the DeLuca home fries began tasting odd, snd I switched to Rolands. 

After Jo-Jo's opened at their former location, I began going there until the restaurant closed. 

For a few months I went back to DeLuca's and Rolands before I found out that Jo-Jo's had reopened on a side street about four blocks from its original location.

In recent years, I get to the Strip less often and usually split my breakfasts between Jo-Jo's and Pamela's, which is a relative newcomer to the Strip's restaurant scene.