Mexican Restaurant near El Rancho Rankin

Filet Mignon
2010/03/21 10:58:44
Over 25 years ago, Bobbi & I briefly lived near Cincinnati.  While there we frequently ate at a Mexican restaurant that was located near to the notorious El Rancho Rankin fleabag motel.   This was at a time when finding a Mexican restaurant other than Chi Chi's was a challenge in the Midwest.

I am reminded of this after again being disappointed with the pork carnitas at a Mexican restaurant.  No carnitas I have ever had can compare to the carnitas at this place on Beechmont Avenue.  The carnitas had more flavor than typical stewed pork carnitas and came with a very rich sauce that was almost a barbecue sauce.

Do any of our Cincinnati/N. KY members recall this place?

Note: Bobbi is disputing my memory of this place being right next to ERR, so my inquiry may be off base.
Filet Mignon
Re:Mexican Restaurant near El Rancho Rankin 2010/03/21 11:47:15
Sure do - we lived a mile away from it at one time - near Stanbury Park - it then became a Chinese restaurant - both were very good.
Filet Mignon
Re:Mexican Restaurant near El Rancho Rankin 2010/03/21 12:03:03

  typical stewed pork carnitas

Typical where? Do midwest restaurants tend to stew carnitas? That would be guisado, not carnitas. Carnitas must be simmered in pure lard.