Carl's Oxford Diner

2010/03/22 20:38:10
I know I  mentioned Carl's oxford Diner before as a GREAT breakfast place, but today I tried lunch.

Today's lunch special was a bacon cheeseburger with homefries and a bowl of New England Chowda($7.70).  The burger was easily over 1/2 pound.  fresh hand formed patty cooked on a well seasoned flat top, topped with cheese, mushrooms and 4 slices of bacon on a grilled kaiser roll(cooked medium).  The homefries were perfect, crunchy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside.  The large bowl of chowda was one of the clamyest and most flavorful I ever had.

As usual the chef(Gordon) and waitress(Coleen) kept asking if we want anymore food.  My buddy went with a pancake(no charge) and agreed it was one of the best he ever had.  

Carl's is easily worth a two hour trip.  It is a true RF destination.  Open 7 - 2, 7 days a week.

Carl's Oxford Diner
291 Main St 
Oxford, MA 01540 
(508) 987-8770 

Now this pic really isn't blurry.  It's the steam coming up from the burger  Yes there is a burger somewhere.

I like this one.

Can't get enough of the bus.

Some miscellaneous photos from Carl's......








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Re:Carl's Oxford Diner 2010/03/23 09:09:09
If the chef is Gordon and the waitress is Coleen, who the heck is Carl???

That's a great deal for under $8.

Re:Carl's Oxford Diner 2011/01/10 16:00:32
Stopped at The Oxford Diner again today(sorry Brad, I forgot to ask who Carl was).  I was hungry for breakfast but didn't want anything really huge, so I figured a simple ham, egg and cheesed sandwich on whole wheat.  I learned that there isn't anything at this place that's not really huge.

There was at least three pounds on ham on this plate.  I say plate because not all of it fit on the bread.  It was delicious, tender juicy ham and excellent home fries.  Being that I am a charter member of the clean plate club, I polished it off no problem.  But, when Gorden or Colleen see a clean plate, they always try to fill it for you.  I had to beg her not to give me pancakes and waffles(on the house) for dessert.
I consider this place 5-Star RoadFood Dining
EDIT: Now eating here is a real hoot just because of the people you meet.  But they also have their share of funny signs and decorations.  My favorite is the coin drop canister by the register.

And yes it was almost full
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Re:Carl's Oxford Diner 2011/08/10 20:25:56
Another reason to visit, A Piglet!!!

It is NEVER enough!

I wanna be a Chunkindale!

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