Dine Quixote/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Fire Safety Admin
2010/03/23 11:27:35
Thanks for the new forum!  Thought I'd give it a try.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been running a semi-regular series called Dine Quixote.  It sure seems similar to the Stern's writings and even go as far as using the term Road Food (as opposed to Roadfood).
In some of the articles so far, they hit some restaurants that are reviewed here on Roadfood. 
In this one, they stop at the wonderful Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus.
And in this one, stops are made at Indy's Shapiro's Deli (they actually go to the Carmel location) and Chicago's Superdawg.
Here, they visit Starliner Diner and mention Young's Jersey Dairy, two places in Ohio that are reviewed here.
The articles are well written and entertaining, but I have never seen any kind of mention or acknowledgement of Jane & Michael.  That just doesn't seem right.
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