san antonio bbq

Junior Burger
2010/03/23 20:16:29
any info on the best bbq joints in san antone
acoustic blues
Re:san antonio bbq 2010/03/23 20:51:43
Drive an hour or so to the north and experience bbq nirvana.

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Re:san antonio bbq 2010/03/23 21:16:02
Ditto that. If you have a car to use and a free afternoon you'd be crazy to eat at some local chain when truly great BBQ lies just an hour or so up the road in Lockhart. 
Re:san antonio bbq 2010/03/23 23:21:48
Double ditto! Just make sure you hit Smitty's in Lockhart and Louie Mueller's in Taylor. They're the two best, IMHO.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:san antonio bbq 2010/03/25 22:15:09
Agree with the two that Twinwillow recommends and raise you by two more...Blacks and Kreuz Market in Lockhart
Junior Burger
Re:san antonio bbq 2010/06/22 19:32:03
Guys guys, you no longer need to trek quite that far for truly good BBQ from SA.  Just a couple of miles east of Loop 1604 along HWY 87 on the way to La Vernia is "Home of Da Smoke" BBQ.  This pocket sized restaurant has BBQ so good it will make you cry!  Having tasted both, I can say with confidence that it kicks Lockhart BBQ butt!