What is under chicken?

Junior Burger
2010/03/23 23:01:26
In the bottom of the frozen chicken tray there is always that piece of "paper" that sticks to the chicken. What is it? I have looked ALL over the internet and can't find a thing. I was breaking apart frozen chicken today and it broke the paper open it seems to be filled with some kind of gel im assuming its to collect liquid in the packages. Is it toxic? I washed the  very well after it broke up but im still a little worried
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:What is under chicken? 2010/03/23 23:41:56
It's a cellulose based product that's hyper absorbant. Packaged meat doesn't look to appealing if you have blood and fluid swimming around inside the package. You'll find it in sanitary and incontinence products as well.  Here's a link that I found by googling:

Meat absorbant pad cellulose

Re:What is under chicken? 2010/03/24 12:49:04
I just can't resist after reading the title....Under Chicken is Under Dog's long lost cousin.