Chef's Hot Dogs in Newington, CT

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2010/03/27 13:12:03
FINALLY, a new hot dog place in the Hartford region. Since Rosco's closed, I've been forced with the same ol...
This place just opened this week on Willard (?) Road in Newington. I passed it driving the back way to the Berlin Tpke. Its behind the 7-11 where the old Pizza Barn used to be.
Before I review, I always qualify - I am a true afficianado. I am objective and not stuck on a certain brand of dog, etc... Favorites in CT included Rosco's before they closed, Super Duper Weenie, the Glenwood.
Prices are a little steep. The dog itself is smaller (5") all beef dog, I believe, out of Mass. New England butter grilled roll and dog is grilled too. I had a plain, chili/cheese and pastrami and swiss dog. The chili was just OK. I am not a fan of sweeter chilli. You can tell its homemade and not from a can which is good, I just wasn't a fan of the flavor. The pastrami/swiss dog was phenominal. Pastrami was lean, hot and draped over the dog with gooey swiss layered on top. The dog itself was a good all beef dog with NO aftertaste. It was just a little small for the $2.99 price.
The real kicker here, though, is their condiment bar. I literally stood by the bar trying every condiment on each bite. Probably 30 different choices, from a homemade sauerkraut to about 8 homemade relishes. Grilled onions, raw onions, several different types of peppers, from jalapeno's to roasted to a green pepper relish, a firey sauce mustard concoction that was out of this world, tomatoes, pickle spears, etc... All of them were great.
The fries were real potato wedges, hand cut and fried. The burgers were fresh patties that were hand formed in front of you.
It was pricey for the size of the dog, but I liked the family atmosphere, very clean and effort and care the owner put into the condiments on how he cooks. Truly a "chef".
Definitely worth a try for the locals. I'm interested in other's opinions. 
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Re:Chef's Hot Dogs in Newington, CT 2010/03/28 12:36:21
Hmm - will have to try it. Also a big fan of Roscoe's, but I have to say I prefer the local CT dogs with the pork/beef mix vs. an all beef dog.  Thanks for the head's up!
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Re:Chef's Hot Dogs in Newington, CT 2010/03/28 20:43:07
$2.99 for a 5" hot dog is a little pricey.
thats the problem with most new hot dog joints, they tend to price themselves out.
please keep us posted on the status of this place.
if I still lived in Newington I'd like to give this place a try.
Re:Chef's Hot Dogs in Newington, CT 2010/03/28 22:44:15
Based on what you can get on it and put on it, the price sounds pretty reasonable to me. That's a lot of Condiments!
When you mentioned Pastrami & Swiss Cheese on one, I'm automartically thinking $4-5 Bucks!. An all beef Dog with no after taste?? What's the Beef??
If the dog were any bigger, you wouldn't be able to get all those condiments on it!
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Re:Chef's Hot Dogs in Newington, CT 2010/04/09 13:02:06
Chef's Dog House is located at 337 Willard Ave in Newington, in the 7- Eleven Plaza. Their dogs are made for them by Kayem and are a tasty all beef dog without the spicey/ garlicy aftertaste. I would have thought it was a beef/pork dog if I wasnt told that it was all beef because of its great flavor. Chef Mark has been a chef for over 20 years and all his condiments (yes there are over 30 FREE condiments to choose from), seasonings and soups are made from scratch. His hand cut cajun potato wedges made with his own special cajun seasonings are great. Was told that the burgers are great as well (I will have to try them next visit). And a must try is his Pineapple or Strawberry Water, I never heard of this before but it was refreshing and delicious.
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Re:Chef's Hot Dogs in Newington, CT 2010/08/17 21:40:40
So I went back to Chef's after a long Hiatus. Man I really like this place. It continues to improve. First, they listened to feedback and switched to a longer dog. They also will take suggestions for different types of burgers and or ingredients and have weekly specials. I still think this place is worth the travels just for the condiment bar. If you never made it the last time I recommended it, shame on you. It was a great experience compared to other Newington dog places.