Pat's King of Steaks closed easter?

Junior Burger
2010/04/05 22:05:00
We called the day before and were told they (Pat's King of Steaks) would be open.  Website says 24/7 except Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve...  On Easter, we were waved away by whoever was working inside at 11:30 am.  On the up-side we got to try Genos and were pleased - btw, we drove over 200 miles from CT partly to try Pat's... won't be doing that again......
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pat's King of Steaks closed easter? 2010/04/05 22:41:46
Strange that they told you they would be open Easter Sunday. Pat's has been closed on Easter for at least the past few years.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Pat's King of Steaks closed easter? 2010/04/06 06:22:07
Welcome to Roadfood!  That really stinks.  I have learned to alway call ahead and/or to check the website.  You did both and still didn't get to eat there.  Sorry you drove so far, but hopefully Geno's made up for it.