Anyone remember "Softcream"?

2010/04/08 17:53:44

I know I asked this years ago, but we have so many new members, and many from north Jersey. In the 50's in Union City at least two "Ice Cream Parlors" sold something called "SoftCream"...not Dairy Queen, Carvel, or any custard...but simply softened ice cream...As I remember, it only came in Vanilla and fruit combinations. My favorite, everytime my Mom took me to Myers Ice Cream Parlor(Anyone remember it or Schoners) was Softcream and bananas. I still like to soften vanilla ice cream to near cream texture and pour sliced bananas into it! So anyone ever heard of it? Soft Ice Cream, is close, but not exactly right onm...oh damn, I can still smell the Vanila aroma of those Ice Cream Parlors!