World's Fair Cafe and Gas Dock - Citi Field

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/04/11 12:00:00
I'm linking to a short article in today's NY Times about this place within walking distance of Citi Field. It's new to me, wondering if anyone else has been there.
The article mentions cheap hot dogs and beer, but no mention of what brands of dogs or draft beer or cans or what.
I only get out to Shea (oops, Citi) once or twice a year but I'm thinking of making this my pregame stop when I do go this year.
Any reports?
They do have a website, bit not much info on it either.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:World's Fair Cafe and Gas Dock - Citi Field 2010/04/11 19:11:22
The photographs on their website show advertising banners for Corona Extra beer. The real value of this establishment, of course, is that you can eat such light fare as burgers, cheesesteaks, hot dogs, and fries in an attractive waterfront setting without subsidizing the multimillion dollar salaries of the ball players. I have not been out on that Marina boardwalk in at least 20 years, so haven't sampled their food. But it is nice to have something within walking distance of the ball park without having to travel into downtown Flushing for the restaurants there.
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:World's Fair Cafe and Gas Dock - Citi Field 2010/04/11 23:58:26
I have had many a great hot dog within the proximity of Yankee Stadium. But not inside. I like to think that, even if I made that first billion, I would not pay the exorbitant price of a hot dog in the stadium simply because I'm a captive audience.

  I just know I couldn't enjoy it, even if it were of good quality and nice and hot. The prices are just wrong...wrong, I tell yuh.
I paid $4 apiece for two Hebrew Nationals (probably eights or 10s) at the NYC Auto Show today, and that was about my price limit.   They were good, though...even if they had run out of sauerkraut and I had to use those absurd relish packs  Hope that place near Citi is good. It's still close enough to the park to be part of the whole ambience thing.

  When I am king, all the parks, major league and minor, will vend the three most favorite hot dogs of the region, prepared by skilled, caring cooks, and sold at prices on a par with those purveyors outside the ballpark. If the kings of yore had aspired to such altruism, surely the monarchical system would not have tumbled as it had.
The Bear
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Re:World's Fair Cafe and Gas Dock - Citi Field 2010/06/10 21:56:31
Just bumping my own thread a bit. 

I went to the Mets day game today (lost 4-2 of course) and my first planned stop was to be here, but, alas, it seemed to be totally closed up. There wasn't even anyone around to ask whether it's only closed for day games, or totally, or what. So I'd certainly ask around before planning to start the game there. There seems to be no answer at the phone number listed on the website.