Grays Papaya in New Jersey

Junior Burger
2010/04/13 23:01:56
On the way back from upstate New York this weekend I had a chance to stop at Grays Papaya in Clifton for the first time. I ordered two hotdogs, one with New York Onions and with onion, mustard and relish. The dogs were made with a natural casing and had a nice snap to them and the texture and taste of the dogs were quite good. The Grays Papaya I had with them was very refreshing. I purchased two more dogs (plain) to take home with me (they never made it there).
I had a nice conversation with Frank, the owner of the Grays Papaya franchise, finding out that I was going to stop at Smashburger in Montclair he was kind enough to write down detailed directions to the restaurant for me
I had heard that there was a Grays Papaya in Philadelphia a while ago but I found out after it after it closed. The Grays in Clifton is very close to the Garden State Parkway exit and since I travel up their frequently Frank will be seeing more of me.
Since it is off topic I will not go into details about Smashburger, suffice to say I was not impressed with their product in regard to value for money...
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Grays Papaya in New Jersey 2010/04/14 06:14:05

The place you went to is actually a Papaya King. Gray's in New York is a knockoff. Nicholas Gray owned a Papaya King franchise then started calling it Gray's and eventually expanded. The Papaya King in Clifton is the first in Jersey. In fact it was a stop on the New Jersey Hot Dog Tour several years ago. There's a group picture somewhere.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Grays Papaya in New Jersey 2010/04/14 16:06:20
Hello all ,

I believe we took the group pic for the 06 or 07 tour at Papayas and we had a great time there.
Someone wiill post it . Go to Hot Dog Nation on Facebook and some pics are also posted there

Junior Burger
Re:Grays Papaya in New Jersey 2010/04/14 22:19:15
 Thanks for the Papaya King clarification, I must have gotten to excited when I saw"papaya" in a hotdog stores name when I decided to check the place out!
Steve "The Hotdog Terminator" Keiner