Pete's in PdC opening soon

2010/04/14 10:21:42
For those of you in western Wisconsin and eastern Iowa, Pete's Hamburgers in Prairie du Chien will be opening for the season on Friday, April 23.
And since I have such good luck, I'm going to be passing through the area on the 21st.
Re:Pete's in PdC opening soon 2010/04/14 10:24:10
Nothing like being in the right place at the wrong time.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Pete's in PdC opening soon 2010/04/14 10:28:02
Is this place your Nite Owl?
Re:Pete's in PdC opening soon 2010/04/14 10:46:07
Hmmm...maybe "nite owl" should become a Roadfood verb in the vein of "getting Travelin' Manned".

As in, "I stopped at Pete's for a burger on the 21st but got nite owled".

However, if my return trip on the 25th doesn't require a stop in northern IL I could solve the problem by simply reversing my initial route, which would also make it possible to stop in St. Olaf for a BPT and in Gunder for a Gunderburger.
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