Old Custard Stand in Noblesville, Indi

2010/04/18 13:07:52
Old Custard Stand the in Noblesville, IN is a great frozen custard stand.  It locally owned & operated.  Yesterday I had a chocolate waffle cone.  The frozen custard was outstanding but the standout was the freshly prepared waffle cone.  The cone was just crispy enough without falling apart, not tough & chewy.
Old Custard Stand is just north of Indianapolis just west of I69 at the corner of 141st St & SR 37.
Give it a try.  We have both Culvers & Ritters in Indy, but I like the Old Custard Stand.
Tristan Indiana
Re:Old Custard Stand in Noblesville, Indi 2012/09/22 14:45:22
Haven't tried that one although I go through Noblesville most every day. When I was at Purdue in the 70s I would go to an old old custard stand in Lafayette. The building was made of glossy ceramic tile and glass block , very art deco looking. They always had an assortment of interesting flavors and the custard was really rich. I saw in the paper a couple of years ago that the ancient woman that had ran the place for years had passed away. One of stories it mentioned was her having to chase Axel Rose  from skateboarding through the parking lot and bothering the customers when he was a kid. After he made it in GNR he tried to get a sundae in the cones only window and she told him " Billy, you know your in the wrong line" and sent him away.  pretty funny stuff.
Root-Beer Man
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Old Custard Stand in Noblesville, Indi 2012/09/22 15:06:31
The Old Custard Stand used to have a pretty good chili dog, too. Never have had their custard, tho. USed to go to the Ritter's in Noblesville, but they closed up.