John's Drive-In in the news

Filet Mignon
2010/04/23 09:50:38

From the Waukesha Freeman.

WAUKESHA – Most days John Meehan is too busy to bask in the glee, but he said it’s a common occurrence at John’s Drive-In: The customer who has returned to town after years away, still in awe that the Drive-In is still standing.

    “You see it all the time, people who come back into town for something family-related, and they swing in to get a root beer and the next thing you know, they’re saying, ‘Man, you just can’t find a hot dog like this anywhere else,’” said Meehan, the Drive-In’s current owner and manager. “We’re coming up on my 20th anniversary, and it always feels good to know you’ve made this mark where people feel like they’ve come home.”

    For most business owners, a 20th anniversary would be a career-defining accomplishment. But in the case of John’s Drive-In, it’s simply another chapter in a saga that has endured almost four generations. The establishment has been a landmark in Waukesha since 1937, a place to get cheap and delicious food that has always maintained its focus on fresh preparation.

    “We still make everything from scratch,” Meehan said. “Even the root beer, I still mix it myself. The sugar water and syrup in a 40-gallon drum. In the summertime, we do it each and every morning.”

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Filet Mignon
Re:John's Drive-In in the news 2010/04/23 23:17:21
Best Root Beer ever. EVER!!!!!!
Re:John's Drive-In in the news 2010/04/24 12:18:01
Holy Cow! I never heard of this place (don't know Waukesha at all), but turns out it is only a couple blocks away from my company's new office! The company just moved to Waukesha from New Berlin and I'm still trying to find my way around. Can't wait to try John's. Love me a good dog and root beer! Thanks for posting this.
Re:John's Drive-In in the news 2010/04/25 00:03:01
A bunch of us visited John's during the Roadhouse Bar-B-Que Sauce Summer, 2008 Tour.  We sat out at one of the few picnic tables near the parking lot and dodged the bees who were trying desperately to get at our root beer.

Good Dogs, okay fries, and some dang fine house made root beer.  I took home a half gallon and it was gone much too soon.

Double Cheeseburger
Re:John's Drive-In in the news 2010/04/25 10:00:35
Looks like I'll be making a trip out to the 'Sha in the coming weeks!