Woody's Smoke Shack/Kenny's Rib Wagon (DSM IA)

2010/04/23 17:05:52
We tried Woody's Smoke Shack for the first time today and had a good lunch; the 3-meat special with 2 sides and a half-rack of back ribs and 2 drinks set us back about $28 and was money well-spent.
For meats we had the sliced brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken.  Of the 3 the chicken was the mildest and best for those who don't care for smoky meats, while the pork and brisket were somewhat smokier.  Not as smoky as I tend to make at home but that's just personal preference and these were fine.  The brisket slices were moist and had a good smoke ring while the pork was in nice long strings.
The sides were baked beans and mac & cheese.  I've given up trying to identify beans as canned, doctored, or scratch so I'll just say these were fairly sweet and pretty good, although I don't think there were any pieces of pork in my bowl.  The mac & cheese was very creamy (too creamy for Kathy) but had good flavor with maybe a little bit of pepper to liven it up.
Sauces are available in mild/regular and hot versions and aren't overly sweet, which I was happy to see.  Plus there was free cornbread for customers; I passed but Kathy had a piece and described it as being very sweet and almost cake-like.
Woody's opened at 11 and we got there about 11:05, fully expecting to be among the very first customers of the day only to find that the small restaurant was already quite full.  Woody's has patio seating but the weather today has been just miserable so we sat at 1 of the 4 4-person tables.  There's also a shallow counter along the wall that seats maybe 10-12 people but it would've been a tight fit, and because people were already almost elbow-to-elbow it would've been pretty much impossible to take pictures without bothering somebody so I left the camera in the bag.
I don't know if any Des Moines RFers have tried it but I think it's at least worth a visit.
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Re:Woody's Smoke Shack (DSM IA) 2010/04/23 17:58:52
Love it, they have great ribs there.  :D  Glad you enjoyed it, sorry about the weather.  :(
Re:Woody's Smoke Shack (DSM IA) 2010/04/25 17:49:27
Yes, we definitely liked the ribs.  Good flavor and cooked enough to leave some texture and chew to the meat.

Yesterday I noticed "Kenny's Rib Wagon" out in front of the Plaza Pub on Douglas Ave. but didn't get a chance to try it.  Hopefully it'll still be there at this time next year.

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Re:Woody's Smoke Shack (DSM IA) 2010/04/25 18:45:00
Enough about Woody's, tell us about your experience with BK's Country Pork Sandwich.