Need Help With Hot Dogs Outside Our Box

Junior Burger
2010/04/24 14:07:42
Okay, it's been a while since I've been able to get back on, had a computer crash etc.. We are planning a bachelor party hot dog run. May 15th to Hillnilly hot dogs in Lesage, WV. Does anyone know of any places to stop enroute. We will be traveling along rte 81 in PA to 68 in WV out to Lesage. We realize this isn't the normal turf, but who better to ask than the good folks in here. We have made several short runs over the past couple months, but nothing big Charlies Pool Room a couple times.......of course. We would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks in advance. mrkag.
Junior Burger
Re:Need Help With Hot Dogs Outside Our Box 2010/04/24 15:44:01
If you're on route 68 and get off in Cumberland, MD there's a great place called "Curtis Coney Island" that's been there since 1921 or something. Dogs are grilled right in the window, standard chili/coney dogs and "cherry smash" soda. It's a busy, well run place, and super cheap from what I remember. 

There's also a bunch of old "Texas Weiner" joints near 81 in PA. We stopped at "Texas Lunch" in Chambersburg which was just OK. Way too many onions, literally half a cup on each hot dog..really more of a diner, hot dogs were not the main attraction there. There's Ernie's Texas Lunch in Gettsyburg which is supposed to be good.

And there's TONS of hot dog joints in West Virginia, might wanna check out the west virginia hot dog blog for recommendations.
Junior Burger
Re:Need Help With Hot Dogs Outside Our Box 2010/06/18 20:28:28
Thanks hkrall, Curtis's was an excellent stop. We walked in and sat down. The gentleman behind the counter walked over and leaned down next to me and said "I don't think so" we just looked at him. Then he pointed at my shirt, I was wearing an "Amazing Hot Dogs" shirt. He said we'll see how amazing after you tried mine. I hadda say his were awesome. we talked a bit about their special made hot dogs by a local butcher and his home made chili. Super nice people, we sent us over a tray of fries as well. I strongly recommend Curtis's.
Re:Need Help With Hot Dogs Outside Our Box 2010/06/19 23:51:58
Hey, Hawk. Nice to see you here too.