Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL

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2010/05/05 09:33:05
While driving down South Dixie Highway in Miami one day, I saw a large pink and black food truck parked in front of a lawyers’ office that had a sign painted on it reading Latin Burger and Taco.  I wondered what it was, but I had no time to investigate and never saw it there again.  Sometime later, I read a glowing review of it in the Miami Herald, which also mentioned that the locations of the truck are posted every day on Facebook and Twitter.  I also found out that recipes originated with Ingrid Hoffman of [link=][/link] on the Food Network.  It is owned and operated by Jim Hein.

After reading the day’s locations for a while, I finally caught up with the truck one day, and had the signature Latin Burger.  It consists of two 3.3 oz. patties of a mix of beef chuck, sirloin and Argentine chorizo, special seasonings, Oaxacan (Mexican) cheese, sautéed onions and jalapenos and a choice of either red-pepper mayonnaise or Ingrid’s special avocadolicious sauce on a sesame-seed bun.  The Johnson and Wales University student who was working the grill that day said the beef was 81/19.

Latin Burger:

By default, they default are cooked to medium-well.  I don’t know whether they will accommodate other requests.  I think it would be hard to cook such a small patty to pink while still getting the crispy edges and brown coloration on the outside.

This was a seriously-good sandwich.  The beef taste mixed with the spicy pork sausage bits was unlike anything I have had before, and they went great with the cheese and sautéed veggies.  There is a lot going on in this sandwich, and it is all good.
The second time I went, I ordered some fries.  They were mildly disappointing.
Fries with Adobo Seasoning:

I figured out what happened.  They went right out of the fryer into the little cardboard basket while still steaming hot, and were immediately wrapped in foil.  They rapidly steamed into softness.
On a subsequent visit, I asked them not to wrap the fries.  The results were much better.  A bit of crispiness and lots of flavor from the latin adobo seasoning.  I may even ask for extra-crispy next time.

I also tried the hot dog.  It is a small kosher-style dog (I don’t know what brand), cooked on the flat-top grill, and with the same sautéed onions and jalapenos used for the burgers, and sprinkled with some shredded cheese which I believe to be cheddar. 

Cheddar-Onion Hot Dog:

The hot dog was good, but I think would be better if they could melt the cheese.  They also offer a couple of custom condiments which I plan to try.
On another visit I got a chance to talk to the fellow working at the grill, and he put together a hot dog topped with caramelized onions, jalapenos, Oaxaca cheese, and “guachup”.  The guachup is a sweet and savory sauce based on guavas.  I had some before for dipping French-fries in, but thought it a trifle too sweet for that.  It worked great on the hot dog, complementing the jalapenos and cheese.  Also, they grilled the roll this time!  Another thumbs up.

Oaxaca Cheese, Onions and Jalapenos with Guachup Hot Dog:

Next we get to the Tacos part of the food truck name.  There are three types:
1.       Pulled Pork - Pulled pork with chopped avocados, onions and cilantro
2.       Chicken Tomatillo – Shredded chicken cooked in tomatillo salsa topped with avocado, scallions and cilantro
3.       Chicken Mole – A house favorite topped with chopped peanuts with onions and avocado
The Three Amigos special offered a discount for all three, so naturally I got that!
These are made with soft, large tortillas.  They are rolled-up and wrapped in foil, so the end effect is a lot like a burrito.  I unrolled them for photographic purposes.

Pulled Pork Taco

Chicken Tomatillo Taco

Chicken Mole Taco

These were very,very good.  Due to a miscommunication with my wife, she ate about 2/3 of each one before I got to taste them.  I need to buy more next time!  The big surprise for me was how good the chicken mole tasted.  I have heard about mole sauce for years, and I thought it was cocoa-based.  I also have tended to think of chicken tacos as some sort of dietary substitute for pork or beef.  Not so here!  I have since read that there are many “mole” sauces, some quite dissimilar.  I don’t know which kind Latin Burger and Taco uses, but the chicken was very rich and savory.

There is also a pulled pork sandwich, ”with all the fixin’s”.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

This is not a southern-style, BBQ pulled pork.  It has a rich garlicky flavor, and is topped with the Oaxaca cheese used on the burger.  Another thumbs up!
Also on the menu is a version of the burger with some of the pulled pork piled on.  It is named after the Miami food blogger, Burger Beast. 

Here is what is on the current menu:

Latin Burger and Tacos Food Truck
(Various Locations)
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/05 09:44:01
Very nice, thanks for the inspirations.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/05 10:29:12

Wow.  What a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.... wish I could make it to Miami today!
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/05 10:54:08
are flour tortillas preferred to corn in Miami?
I would call those burritos, as you did.
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/05 11:08:02
MiamiDon, Looks great!  I guess you can be considered a regular.
Filet Mignon
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/06 16:25:26
bill voss

are flour tortillas preferred to corn in Miami?
I would call those burritos, as you did.

I don't know.  Both are available in supermarkets - we have a significant number of central-americans here.  Ingrid Hoffman is Colombian, so it might just be what she likes.
sk bob
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/07 16:08:27
it all looks good Don, even the pulled pork which I don't eat.
$4 for a hot dog is kind of high though.
Junior Burger
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/09 15:46:37
Hey Don,

Your pics are out of sight. Btw, for those in Miami on May 9th, Latin Burger is celebrating National Hamburger Month by having the burger beast burger for $5.
Filet Mignon
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/10 07:12:57
Great!  If I can track them down, I'll be sure to have one.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/05/10 09:04:06
Thanks for the photos and report. Yes, there are different kinds of mole' in Mexico, most people think of the dark mole made with cocoa, but there is also green, yellow, and I think white.In Diana Kennedy's books she has some of the different ones.
They do have chicken tacos, chalupas,also called tostados ,enchiladas, and burritos in Mexico as well as chicken tamales. At El Jalisco here in Schertz, you can get either corn or flour tortillas with your meal.I usually get the corn ones to put my fajitas in, etc.
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Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/06/04 13:09:52
After receiving a text message indicating that the truck would be in a convenient location, I headed over to pick up something to bring home for dinner.

I found Burger Beast there, and the owner had the cook prepare two new dishes which Burger Beast and I got to sample.

The first was a grilled chicken breast sandwich:

The sample had lettuce, tomato, Oaxacan cheese, and mayo, I believe.  I'm sure any of the other menu sandwich additions could substituted or added.

The other new item is a marinated and grilled portobello mushroom sandwich:

This was a marinated and grilled portobello mushroom with sauteed onions and jalapenos and the Oaxacan cheese.

I like these so much that I bought one of each to take home!  I've been aware of places offering grilled portobellos as a substitute for meat, but I never tried one.  It works, and this version was very good.  The chicken sandwich had some interesting seasonings, and was good, but I think I would have them jazz it up with some onions and jalapenos and guava ketchup ("guachup") instead of the conventional lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

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Re:Latin Burger and Taco Truck - Miami, FL 2010/06/24 15:38:14
I visited again to get a deluxe chicken sandwich, with sauteed onions and jalapenos, Oaxacan cheese, lettuce and red-pepper mayonnaise:

Another hit!