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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Eggs Benedict 2014/02/07 19:59:55



If you find yourself in Dallas craving Eggs Benedict, try Benedict's.  Check the variety of Benedict-style dishes they do:

We have been having Sunday breakfast there at least 20 times a year since 2005.  It never disappoints. 

My particular favorite is their Eggs Cordon Bleu.  And, they do a better pancake than the Original Pancake House.

Their other location is in Colorado.  Lucky them!


I've usually seen the smoken salmon benedict called "Egg Norgwegian" or "Norwegian Benedict." and that was, for a long time, my favorit EB version, and I often made it at home - which pleased my wife, greatly, since she absolutely loves smoked salmon

But then, as you know Jim, the mid-atlantic is famous for it's local delicasy, and that delicasy combined with the benedict model is, by far, my favorite EB version, called "Eggs Chesapeake" or "Chesapeake Benedict" (or similar variation) which utilizes MD style crab cakes in lieu of the canadian bacon. Some places, who make a good crab cake to start, just knock it out of the park. It's so freaking delicious - it doesn't matter if the rest of the benedicts look or sound appetizing, I am getting the Chesapeake!  

Sadly, Texas is NOT for crabs.

Since moving here in 2005 I have ordered crabcakes twice; only one was truly decent @ the Oceanaire.  The other, served as a crabcake benedict at this place was spectacularily vile.  (The tiny specks of crab had a fishy taste and smell that somehow overwhelmed the grease and breading).

So, on every visit to our place in McLean, a pilgrimage to G&M is always on our list.  For a Chesapeake Benedict, restaurants in the Clyde's Group do a decent job. 
For sure about the Clyde's Group...they were after my time in McLean, but now I hear that they run my all time favorite place The Tombs (36th and Prospect)....I've been going there since they opened (not lately of course) in the early 60's.....35 cents for a cold schooner. Many wonderful stories...

Re:Eggs Benedict 2014/02/08 09:42:36
Last fall we spent some time camping in and near Pagosa Springs, Durango, Silverton, Ouray and Telluride. We rode the narrow gauge railroad to Silverton and back to Durango and drove the Million Dollar Highway as well.
Re:Eggs Benedict 2014/02/11 19:10:33
I make a killer Crab Cake Egg's Benedict! 

Re:Eggs Benedict 2014/02/12 09:51:55

For sure about the Clyde's Group...they were after my time in McLean, but now I hear that they run my all time favorite place The Tombs (36th and Prospect)....I've been going there since they opened (not lately of course) in the early 60's.....35 cents for a cold schooner. Many wonderful stories...

The Clyde's Group has been a spectacular success in Metro D.C.  
Kudos and huge respect for John Laytham and the late Stu Davidson for growing one of the many "meet markets / fern bars" of the late '60's - '70's into a true restaurant empire which now includes many of the finer dining venues in Metro WDC.

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Junior Burger
Re:Eggs Benedict 2014/02/14 17:44:46
I agree with Miss Shirleys in Baltimore having some of the best benedict I've ever tasted!
Re:Eggs Benedict 2014/02/18 23:06:07
I mentioned The Pie Place in Grand Marais, MN earlier and that they had two choices. We were just up there this week for some winter activity and got 10 inches of snow in the bargain while holed up at the Harbor Inn. This time I had the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, but only a half order. It was very good and again was served with cheesy hash browns.

Double Cheeseburger
Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/01/18 10:42:30
Hadn't had Eggs Benedict in a while, so I popped on over to The Spicy Green Bean in Glastonbury to try out theirs. Cozy little place, very friendly service. 

This was their "Traditional Benedict", which actually used shaved ham instead of the thick slice of Canadian bacon that you'd expect. Texturally it worked well, but it was a little salty for my taste.  Hollandaise was on point, and the home fries were dry but surprisingly flavorful. 
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/02/04 13:04:28
I love Eggs Benedict, but I can't remember the last time I got it with a well-made Hollandaise Sauce at a restaurant.
There are versions at restaurants that use various packaged pseudo-hollandaise sauces ... but the real thing is harder to do.
The problem is that Hollandaise is fragile. This is an issue because if you hold the sauce behind the line at too high a temp, the eggs will scramble ... if you hold it at too low a temperature for too long, the sauce becomes unsafe (salmonella).
This means that to have it available properly ... you generally have to make it to order.  And making it to order at time of service can be quite a task in a rush.
If you use a lot, it is possible to make a larger batch and then hold it at temp carefully and hold only for a certain length of time (then discard the existing batch).
It is possible to get it to be just a bit (but "just" a bit) less fragile (that is, heat tolerant) by using clarified butter in it ... though I think with some flavor loss due to the missing solids. 
If it does scramble while being held at temp, one can try and recombine it with an immersion blender or whisk and an ice cube and then straining it ... or blending and then re-incorporating with fresh yolks (basically re-making the sauce).  Simply straining does not necessarily bring the sauce back together though.  In general, it's easier to just make it near time of service.
As far as what I, personally, will happily eat ... I don't mind if the sauce is held a bit hot and breaks ... still tastes good to me. 
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Filet Mignon
Re:Eggs Benedict 2015/02/04 13:55:22
I also like a good eggs Benedict, But I always felt the english muffin was the wrong choice of bread. I find a Croissant to be a better choice, its light, buttery, and brings it all together better.............Billyb

I like this guy!!!!!!
the grillman
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Eggs Benedict 2015/02/04 16:21:06
Really enjoy a good eggs Benedict when out for brunch with the wife; interestingly enough, I rarely will order them for breakfast; seems more of a brunch thing.  To me; if any of the components aren't' top notch, the Benedict can't be either.   The muffins must not be too dry; the eggs must be poached properly, with runny yolks, the bacon or ham , not dried out; and the sauce must be good quality and plentiful, and quite lemony.  Too many places are stingy with the sauce.  Give em a good dollop of it, I say.  It must cover the eggs, and be enough of a portion to allow me to mop up the excess with the last bit of muffin.  
the croissant idea is cool; but I am a traditionalist.   I have had good variations with beef tenderloin, but too often it is too thin a slice and dried out, too, not a proper medium rare like a good steak.  Not as much flavor as ham, in any case. 
A good Benedict, some nice home fries and fruit on the side, a couple of good Bloody Mary's to start, all washed down with coffee, now that's brunch!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Eggs Benedict 2015/02/04 19:21:44
Ah, I remember many wonderful lunches at Café Brittany in Charlotte Amalie's Palm Passage. Eggs Benedict topped with truffle slices (that I always gave to whoever I was with) and a Daiquiri on the rocks made with Cruzan white rum.
Re:Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 00:45:43
I'm a Redneck Benedict Guy!
Runny yolk poached eggs
Biscuit, not muffin
Sausage Patty, not ham or Canadian Bacon
Sausage gravy, not that French Crap!
Wash it down with a PBR!
Captain Morgan
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 07:34:41
can anyone reccomend a good eggs benedict in Myrtle Beach?
Re:Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 08:43:23
Hmmmm I've not seen any asparagus on any of these.... In my humble opinion, Eggs Benedict HAS to have asparagus! 
Double Cheeseburger
Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 11:07:26
Another Benedict, from the Blue Plate Kitchen in West Hartford.  These were almost perfectly constructed, with real Canadian bacon instead of some clever substitution, and it was nice to see some restraint with the hollandaise.  I say "almost", because the eggs themselves were overcooked - practically no runny yolk at all!  They were receptive, though, when I mentioned it.
The home fries were fantastic: tender, moist, and reasonably portioned.  I was waiting to find a place that did them as well as the Cromwell Diner.

Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 13:25:22
One of my favorite breakfasts and luckily it can't be found easily around here.
In another life I used to be comped at The Dunes in Las Vegas... RFB which is Room, Food and Beverage.
Loved having my Eggs Benedict for breakfast accompanied by a bowl of fresh raspberries in real cream.  I felt like I was living the life!
☄ Helpfulby Captain Morgan 2015/02/06 07:49:55
Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 13:31:25
I forgot to add...  while I love the flavor of a croissant, I think it needs the texture and non-overpowering of the English Muffin.  The rich, buttery flavor of the croissant would get in the way of the Hollandaise.
Also needs the Canadian Bacon for the sweetness.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/02/05 22:41:30
There's a kind of mayonnaise that I was introduced to when living in Amsterdam, which is commonly used on French Fries. It's called "frietsaus". When I first had it, I thought, "You know, with a little lemon, that would taste just like Hollandaise... ohhhhhhh...."
Double Cheeseburger
Re: Eggs Benedict 2015/02/06 10:05:24
Eggs Benedict.... great breakfast.  Too many restaurants over poach the eggs.  Had Eggs Benedict last weekend for brunch at les Halles in New York City and they wre terrific.
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