Rose's BBQ @ Hattiesburg, MS...............

Double Cheeseburger
2010/05/17 12:13:51
If you pass through Hattiesburg on your way to the Gulf Coast on Hwy. 49 don't miss stopping at this fine establishment.  It's on your right just pass the Hwy 98/Hwy 49 intersection.  It's located in a road side gas station and it's a pretty good size business.  They cater and offer eat in or take out.  Great place.  Don't miss it.

Fire Safety Admin
Re:Rose's BBQ @ Hattiesburg, MS............... 2010/05/17 13:55:11
Can you tell us more about Rose's BBQ?  What do you get when you eat there?  When I think bbq in Hattiesburg, the first place that comes to mind is Leatha's
Double Cheeseburger
Buffet.................. 2010/05/17 23:50:22
I really don't like Leatha's.  I gave it a few tries passing through on the way to the Gulf Coast and it's just not much to stop for IMO.  It's out of the way about 5 miles West of Hattiesburg on Hwy. 98.  In fact if you keep going just a little bit further you will find Brett Favre's homeplace south of Hwy. 98.  It's hard to find Leatha's if you don't know where it is and I just was not impressed.  I thougt the service was terrible and the food was not that good.  Now folks in Hattiesburg sing it's praises but not me.  I live in the MS Delta and we have plenty of good BBQ without having to go out of the way to Leatha's.  I think they are living on her reputation she made before moving from Columbia MS.  Now that place might have been fine but not Hattiesburg.
Rose's is in a big filling station right on the side of the Hwy. 49 heading to the Gulf Coast.  They do a big catering business. Prices are right.  The food inside is hot and good.  You can buy groceries, cold drinks, beer, etc. or get gas.  It's a nice all round business.  Here's a link.  They smoke their own meat out the back and it's good.  Skip Leatha's. When you leave Rose's get on down to Gulfport and have dinner at Vrazels.

Vrazel's @ 3206 W. Beach Blvd., Gulfport, MS 228 - 863 - 2229.