My visit (today), to Mac's hoagies in shamokin Pa.

Junior Burger
2010/05/18 09:19:57
Went to Mac's Hoagies, at 904 W. Arch st. in Shamokin Pa Today. It's been in open since 1971. Claim to have over 1,000 subs on the menus which are on the walls like wall paper .
Ordered a Ham & Cheese sub, ham was fairly lean, generious amount, got lettuce, tomato, oinion, mayo and seasoned oil and vinegar. Pretty darn good sub.
It's the smallest Sub shop I've ever been in, take out only no place to eat there. Arrived at 10:45 AM, 2 customers there waiting for their order. Ate my sub outside in the car, 3 or 4 more customers walked in, as I was eating miine, one walked out with what looked like about 10-12 subs in a bag, must of come from a local business.  would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good sub quite an interesting place IMO. 
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