Kansas City barbeque

Junior Burger
2010/05/18 22:21:52

Of course I went to Jack Stack as soon as I got into Kansas City--the beans alone.  I had the rib trio. Who doesn't like pork ribs and I have an affection for beef ribs.  But I have  weakness for lamb ribs and never see them anywhere else.

Until the next day when Bill called to say he was playing at RJ's Bob-Be-Que about 15 minutes out of town.  I'm always up for trying somewhere new but was there to hear Bill on harp, not for the barbeque. But they had lamb ribs.  Extraordinary.  The menu was more limited the Jack Stacks so if you have to choose (and the beans)...  But if you're just looking for lamb ribs, don't miss RJ's Bob-Be-Que in Mission, KS.

And the next night it was a family dinner at Hillsdale Bank Barbeque in Paola, KS.  It's a good 45 minutes out of town so it's a bit of a hike.  But in area known for burnt ends--burnt ends.
Re:Kansas City barbeque 2010/05/18 23:12:56
I've heard good things about Hillsdale Bank, but never been.  I'll be back in KC in October and again in December.  Reckon I'll make the 45 minute run out their way.

Thanks for the good tip.

Re:Kansas City barbeque 2010/05/19 08:37:45
its not a bad drive.