Whatever happened to .....?

2010/05/30 10:26:59
Roadfood has been my bible since sometime around 1978.  With it, I've found some great places and had some great experiences (thank you, Michael and Jane).  I update to a new version when it comes out and I still keep the old versions.  I plan trips and fantasy trips around Roadfood.

I notice some restaurants on my list to "visit" from old versions are no longer included in the new books or this website.  I know some have (unfortunately) gone out of business but some appear still to be around.  I was just wondering why still active restaurants were removed (or not included):  Did the quality go down?  Have you just not had a chance to go back there lately?  Space limitations and something has to go? 

Would it be possible to include an "old listings" file on this website with information on places not in the book any more, including what happened to them?  (Out of business.  New management.  New menu.  Gone downhill.  ....)