Question about Famous Hotdogs!!!

2010/06/01 08:33:45
Where can I order the Smaller Famous Lunch Hot dogs and the buns that go with them In bulk for a picnic or bigger BBQ?/ Will Famous ship them directly or should I get them through their distributor ?? HAs anyone ordered these in Bulk?? AWe were at a BBQ yesterday and they were serving smaller slider size burgers and someone said they wished they had smaller dogs for the kids and so everyone could get a taste without filling up! Of course I immediately thought of FAmous!! Any places locally in Jersey that sells them?? I dont think Ive ever seen them at the Depot..
Re:Question about Famous Hotdogs!!! 2010/06/01 09:58:17
According to their website you can call them and have them delivered via FedEx.
Re:Question about Famous Hotdogs!!! 2010/06/01 14:04:51
actually i just went thru helmbolds and got a great deal!! they ship packs of 24 dogs with the buns for less than 10 bucks plus shipping I ordered 5 packs of each hes calling me back shortly with the shipping cost.. If its not too crazy i may just get 10 packs and stock up the freezer!!! Helmbolds actually makes the dogs for famous lunch by the way as most of you probably know...  just to update shipping from Helmbolds from upstate Ny to central jersey via fed ex next day ground was only 13 dollars!!!! % packs of dogs and buns delivered next day for less than 60 big ones!!
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