Breakfast at St Pete's Frog Pond

the ancient mariner
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2010/06/01 15:51:58
Sunday is not a good morning to visiit The Frog Pond in St Pete------it is busy, busy.
I don't know if their parent restaurant is also, but I can guess it is.  During the
season there are people waiting outside, and every table full from opening til 2 PM closing. 
That's it---The Frog is open for b'fast and lunch and it is worth waiting for.
On the cover of their menu is their story and philosophy.  Open since 1982---wow 38 years
----a lot of chickens have worked day and night keeping up the egg inventory.  The Frogs 
story is lots of good food prepared well.  And that is what we got.. 
No Fast Food-----they say their food is not served in cardboard, and doesn't taste
like cardboard either.
Mary had pancakes---huge----as large as the plate ----3 big, thick, juicy pancakes----she could
only finish one--------------I had the hash and eggs, home fries, tomatoe slices and toast.
All the coffee or tea you can drink-------bill was $20 and change.  Service was great.
Sorry no pictures---didn't wind up the Brownie.  Next time remind me will you.
The #1 Frog Pond is on Gulf Blvd, Remington Beach and #2 on Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach. 
Try it you'll like it. 
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seafarer john
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Re:Breakfast at St Pete's Frog Pond 2010/06/01 17:23:53
Well, ancient one, I'm glad you liked the Frog Pond. For several years we always went to the place diagonally across the street (Beverly's, I think), but a few years ago it seemed to have changed, and not for the better, so we've been Frog Pond fans ever since. 

The portions are huge, the service is excellent, the food is tasty - Gail goes for the SOS and I usually have the corned beef hash and poached eggs. I ordered the pancakes once - they were very good, loaded with goodies, but way too much to eat.

We get up early on Sunday and beat the crowds  -got to be there before the churches let out. Also, in the Winter there is a pretty good Farmer's Market on the street  nearby.

Cheers, John