Knockum Hill Bar-B-Q has reopened

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/06/04 00:01:05
Only about a week ago we were lamenting that Knockum Hill Bar-B-Q in Herndon, Kentucky (below Hopkinsville near the Tennessee border) had burned down last February.

Now it is back in business and will reopen Friday June 4, 2010.

Oh, I can taste that giant, juicy pork chop now.

Here's the link for those who want to read about it:


carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:Knockum Hill Bar-B-Q has reopened 2010/06/04 00:40:44
Louis, this is really great news! Ever since learning about the fire, I've been rather bummed out about having to cross Knockum Hill off the list of western KY restaurants that we'll be visiting later this month. Thanks for letting us know.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Knockum Hill Bar-B-Q has reopened 2010/06/04 06:32:59
Thanks for the update Louis.  That really is good news.  I am definitely a fan of that huge porkchop.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Knockum Hill Bar-B-Q has reopened 2010/06/04 21:49:49
I went to Knockum Hill (100 mile drive) about four hours after they opened to sink my teeth into their pork chop.

The new building is not as rustic-looking as it formerly was, but it's about as big.  I had forgotten how close it was to the house.  Those flames could have caught the owner's house on fire.

And the pork chop was as juicy as ever.  It was particularly juicy on the outside (first two or three outside inches).  How they keep so much natural juice in a pork chop, I'll never know.  It had so much juice in its center that I had eaten about half of it before I realized that I hadn't taken a sip from my soft drink.

Michael Hoffman
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Re:Knockum Hill Bar-B-Q has reopened 2010/06/04 22:56:07
Knockum hill? Love it. There's a Knockemdead here in southeast Ohio