Junior Burger
2004/01/16 00:11:46
Anybody out there ever had a Valomilk and are they any good?
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Valomilks 2004/01/16 08:16:32
I think the Valomilk is one of the best candies. I do not know how long they have been on the market but I can recall having them almost 50 years ago.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Filet Mignon
RE: Valomilks 2004/01/16 08:27:30
You can order some here if you can't find them locally.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Valomilks 2004/01/16 08:39:50
I like them every once in a while. It's one of the redeeming features of the Cracker Barrell restaurant and gift shop near my office.
Junior Burger
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/13 09:36:23
Valomilks are AMAZING and I buy a box from Cracker Barrel whenever I visit Virginia. Unfortunately, when you take them on an airplane, the filling leaks out of the cups.
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/13 10:15:22
The last time I stopped at the Cracker Barrell off I-70 in Hagerstwon, Md I was very disappointed to see they only had Mallow Cups, the poor little sister (though still good) of Valomilks. Hopefully they'll be back next time I stop in as I only stopped to buy Valomilks.

Filet Mignon
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/13 12:35:23
I'd take a Valomilk over a Mallo Cup every day of the week and twice on Sunday!
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/14 13:49:01
Earstation - I heard that about them bursting one airplanes. So I decided to try taking a bunch of them in a sealed widemouthed thermos.

Here's my account of trying to get a box of 24 from the midwest to California last year (with photos):

As long as you eat them soon after they've burst, they're still good. If you let them sit too long after they've cracked they become tacky and dry.

Honestly, I think I prefer Cup-O-Gold, but perhaps that's because they're made here in Los Angeles, so they're always fresh when I get them and no cracks.

If you're a big fan you can get Valomilks by the box at Candy Favorites

(I'd advise waiting until the cooler days of fall to order though.)
Junior Burger
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/14 22:23:37
That thermos idea was really clever. I never would have thought of that. The only idea I could think of was to seal them inside one of those cryovac bags to reduce the pressure.

Have you ever tried Nut Goodies? Those are my other candy bar favorite.

RE: Valomilks 2007/07/14 23:26:20
Valomilk's are GREAT! But then, I'd eat crap if it had marshmallow on it.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/15 01:44:55
Gee whiz, Willow. That was a visual I could have done without...." />
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/15 01:54:13
Ok. Then, I'd just about eat anything with marshmallow on it-or in it.
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/28 17:48:36
Ok, I'm going to have to try one.

There is a locally owned harware store in town that has an entire shelf of
candies near the checkstands that you hardly ever see anywhere else.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Valomilks 2007/07/28 18:01:48
Originally posted by Bushie

You can order some here if you can't find them locally.

I ordered them from the Vermont Country Store on a whim; they're really wonderful, and I'm not much of a "candy" guy.
RE: Valomilks 2008/07/26 20:08:16
On my way to Buffalo, I stopped into an very charming 5 & 10 store. I cannot remember the name of the store, but it had every kind of old-school candy. I am not a big fan of marshmallow, but a clerk told me I would love Valomilk. I did, and still do. They are very hard to find in NJ. I track them down, now and again.