Curtis's BBQ Putney Vermont

Junior Burger
2010/06/13 18:56:42
I was at my bro in laws yesterday and the topic came around about one of my favorite topics Food lol he said that there is a great bbq on my way home (slightly out of  the way but worth the detour).
It is called Curtis's BBQ it in at exit 4 on I91 in Vermont he described it to me and I wish I had my camera with me it is truly a road side stand, it is in  old school bus where you put you're order  and it is cooked in a pit right next to the bus, there Curtis actually still cooks the food after 42 years there.
The sauce it very good you can taste some vinegar in the sauce  and  also it has a nice touch of hot sauce in it it was my kind of place to pull over and enjoy a nice lunch the baked beans have a nice molasses flavor to them  they are only opened from 10am till dusk I promise next time I go up to visit I will have my camera with me and take some pictures I almost split my side when I saw the pig next to the grill I believe Curtis said her name was Miss Piggy. If you are in the Area and want a quick bite it is a definitely  a good place to stop.
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