Thanks For good Advice

Junior Burger
2010/06/14 14:30:27
As a mother of an almost 30 year old, she has finally asked me for advice and listened rather than try to out do me! She drives to Charleston every weekend to see her husband who works for Boeing there - about a 4 hour drive. After a year, starting on the second, she asked for advice on places to eat other than chain/franchises! I told her to go to Boy, she was sooo happy with the choices and personal experiences she read about! They wanted an out of the way place that was kid friendly. They picked the "Wreck"  and she texted me pictures of their food and the baby (2 years old) playing and having fun! They LOVED IT! So thanks to everybody for making me look like a good mom and grandma for a little while! I give my input when I try new places and sure appreciate your opinions!!!!
Thank you all!
Diane G
Ahi Mpls.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Thanks For good Advice 2010/06/14 14:41:44
  Now THAT is what I want to hear!    Welcome! 
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Thanks For good Advice 2010/06/14 14:48:57
Outstanding!  Another convert!  And what a Roadfood gem The Wreck is.