Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker

2010/06/22 13:33:14
Thinking about purchasing the 18 1/2 Weber Smoky. Have never done any smoking prior. Any opinions? Will the folks next door hate me?
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 2010/06/22 13:44:16
They'll certainly hate you if you don't share the results of your efforts.
acoustic blues
Re:Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 2010/06/22 13:54:25
Absolutely one of the best smokers for the money. You can't go wrong buying one and even as a novice q'er you'll put yourself into a meat coma from the wonderful bbq you'll make.
I've had one since 2001 and just recently moved up to a Big Green Egg but I still use the WSM.
For one of the most fanatical bunch of folks on the smoker scene, go to virtualweberbullet dot com. There you will find WSM nirvana.

Re:Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 2010/06/22 14:03:15
Great Point
Filet Mignon
Re:Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 2010/06/22 15:35:19
I have a brick combination BBQ/Grill/Smoker in my yard.  My previous neighbor's wife came over and started screaming at me one day about the smell of hickory and mesquite.  I said that I was just barbequing.  She replied, "It's in my HOUSE, it's in my HAIR, it's not NORMAL to BBQ all day!!!"  They moved out after that.

The current guy has a Nicaraguan wife who does lots of grilling for their frequent parties, and the husband even helped me to make some mods to my grill.

So, you never know....
Captain Morgan
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 2010/06/22 15:49:48
I've won over 4000 dollars with a little WSM, competeing
against teams with much bigger rigs.

It flat out makes great bbq.