Great restaurant in Charleston, SC

Junior Burger
2010/06/28 11:43:48
Please consider reviewing The Glass Onion in Charleston, SC, an awesome Lowcountry/Southern restaurant which prides itself on using as much local, seasonal, and all-natural product as possible.  They've built up an extremely loyal following of regulars, and is a must for anyone who wants to try authentic yet creative, reasonably priced SC cuisine.  Their menu changes seasonally: 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Great restaurant in Charleston, SC 2010/06/28 16:25:12
I trust you are somehow connected to the place, this being your only post.  In this forum it's better to come right out and declare your relationship if you are connected. 

Too bad, I just returned from Charleston; nice town.  Your web site is nicely done and the menu looks good.  I hope someone stops by and posts a review.  The beer list is great; nice seeing the selections from Victory Brewing.
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