It's Baaaack...

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2010/07/01 15:35:56
carolina bob
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Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/01 16:10:06
Back in the '70s, when my job used to frequently take me to the mid-Atlantic region, Gino's outlets were a familiar sight but unfortunately I never got to eat at one. I do remember hearing from local folks that the burgers were pretty good, and I'm glad that I'll eventually have a chance to find out for myself. 
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Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/01 17:23:07
As a Maryland boy, I always liked Gino's it's been a long time...The many Roy Rogers owned here in Frederick by the Plumondon family all sadly suck, I say that as the Plumondons are a wonderful family, tremendously generous and civic minded.
Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/01 21:31:51
there's another thread about this from end of last year/beginning of this year. i posted a link to the  website at that time.  here it is again
i'm looking forward to the return.  it was a great company to work for and the quality of the product was good and standards high (with regard to the food and the way the stores were kept clean and how employees were treated as well as how the customers were treated).
the format will be a little different now (won't be selling the colonel's chicken like before and the burgers & chicken will be a bit more high-end than the usual fast food). 
shoot, just looked at the site and they're no longer looking at the site in my town :(  was contemplating maybe going franchise since the spot was 10 minutes from my house...
Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/07 15:24:57
I loved Gino's and Jr. Hot Shoppes from long ago!
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Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/08 07:17:02
I loved Gino's...very happy to see them making a come back....I remember the old Soupy Sales ad's.
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mayor al
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Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/08 07:39:25
Gino's was my source for KFC during the early 1970's when we lived in New Jersey. I think the FF market has evolved immensely since that time and Gino's, if it does make a comeback, will not be the same place that our nostalgia-filled memories recall!
Re:It's Baaaack... 2010/07/09 21:08:42
I think I still a few Geno's ash trays in my basement.
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Re:It's Baaaack... 2011/02/23 07:45:36
The latest courtesy of today's Baltimore Sun: