Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza

Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
2010/07/04 18:25:27
If ever I complain about what I do for a living, someone please remind me of this Independence Day, 2010. Being in San Antonio, I got in touch with Cheryl Speakman, who many users know as the mastermind of the new Flying Pig Baking Company, discussed in a recent Dessert Forum thread. I already respected Cheryl for her excellent recommendations of the Brietzke Station's pies and Home of Da Smoke barbecue west of town in Adkins (review to follow), but my meeting with her transformed respect into awe. She brought a selection of her cheesecakes to sample, one better than the next. Even flavors I wouldn't normally choose wowed me, especially this white chocolate lavender, that is equally elegant and rich:

Heck, the plain cheesecake is a Platonic ideal, but perched on a granola crust:

My far-and-away favorite is mango habanero, which perfectly balances sweet and heat, cream and fruit:

German chocolate is devastating, made with what is obviously the best quality chocolate:

And let us not neglect wasabi ginger!

... and Grand Marnier, topped with candied oranges that are as tart as the cake is sweet:

... and one of my favorite flavor combos, chocolate / chipotle:

If you need to try some of  these wonders -- you do, you do! -- they are available by mail as well as in several San Antonio area restaurants. Cheryl currently is working out a deal with a local bakery to sell them retail. For details, visit or call 210-844-8458 or email Cheryl:
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Filet Mignon
Re:Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza 2010/07/05 07:40:09
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza 2010/07/05 07:41:36
I don't even like cheesecake and those look insanely good!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza 2010/07/05 09:31:18
I'm not a cheesecake person either but I would give several of those a try.
Re:Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza 2010/07/05 11:26:45
I'm hoping those are just 2 inches diameter so I can eat many.

I love those types of flavor combinations.
Junior Burger
Re:Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza 2010/07/07 14:07:54
Well, I LOVE cheesecakes, but prefer mine fairly unconventional (except a cheddar cheese cake I make and drool about) -- however... a couple of these sound really tempting. And a couple remind me of an ice cream I just made last weekend: Honey and Serrano Pepper. Deeevine.

Keep up the good work, Michael!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Independence Day Cheesecake Bonanza 2010/10/08 14:10:35
Divine, esquisite. I am sipping my organic, freshly made juice made from celery, beets, apple, spinach, cabbage, and carrots, and happen upon these delicious looking beautiful cheesecakes. LOL.