KC has a burger....Review

Dr of BBQ
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2010/07/10 09:04:24
The article was meant to generate discussion and debate and it has done just that.  I think you missed a good bet though by putting it in the Professional's Forum instead of the more general Hamburger Forum.  A lot of folks who aren't in the business avoid the Pro Forums, missing out on this opportunity to rant and complain. 


Article from Kansas City Star on burgers. Did Buddy Roadhouse get a burger named after him, note it has BBQ sauce on it ?
(B.R.G.R. Kitchen + Bar)
The Roadhouse, a juicy patty of 75/25 Angus beef topped with gooey Wisconsin cheddar, a tangle of fried onions and barbecue sauce served on a light yellow corn bun.)

From high-end to low-brow, KC has a burger for every taste

In the economic downturn, burgers are one of the few bright spots.
The hamburger/sandwich/wrap category is the only restaurant category to post growth in the number of servings sold last year, and lunch contributed 48 percent of that growth, according to NPD Group, a market research company..............


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