[FAQ]Loading Roadfood POI's Onto Your GPS

Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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2010/07/10 15:18:33
We receive a lot of inquiries on how to do this.  The Roadfood POI's should work on any device that supports POI content. The following are some links that may be some assistance to the owners of major GPS brands:

Download the POI loader onto your PC and follow the uploading instructions from the application:
Those links may become out of date, so Google Garmin POI loader for the latest ones.

Source - http://www.poi-factory.com/node/9488

Here's a quick summary:
1) Connect the TomTom GPS to your Computer
2) Open the TomTom drive letter under Devices with Removable Storage (located at start menu / my computer)
3) Locate your maps folder on the TomTom (called "usa_and_canada" or "north_america" or "united states")
4) Copy the OV2 files into your TomTom's maps folder

To enable alerts:
1) Select "Change Preferences" on the GPS unit
2) Select "Warn when near POI" (may be on more choices menu)
3) Choose the POI you want to have alerts; set distance & sound; leave *unchecked* the option to "warn only in route"

Source - http://www.gps-data-team....gation/topic/1888.html

1) Use Magellan POI File Editor, an application that comes with your Magellan GPS. It'll convert Magellan POI files to a .MGLN data format
2) On the Magellan GPS unit go to Menu -> Navigation Options -> Configuration -> Custom POIs -> Select a POI File and select all downloaded Magellan POI's

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