Any one in Indianapolis ?

Junior Burger
2010/07/17 04:59:49
I need a little input on commissaries. and rules covering mobile food sales(burgers n fries maybe more)  in indianapolis please. thanks in advance.
Junior Burger
Re:Any one in Indianapolis ? 2010/07/17 14:58:45
Hi all I thought I would include a bit more info. I like many others am in the pre planning stage.I did find HD info on hotdog carts. from what i have read they must use a commissary However i couldnt find anything on lunch truck or mobile kitchen type setups. wich is what i am more interested in.I want to know what i can and cant do where i can do it. and how a commissary works. or if anyone knows any in my are. thanks
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Any one in Indianapolis ? 2010/07/18 09:26:12
I'm in MI and have a food cart, mobile kitchen. The way I got around the commissary rule was to get an STFU license. I know "STFU", who thiks up these things? It means Special Transitory Food Unit", and allows me to travel the state of MI, I just need to pay for two $90 inspections a year.

I would call your health dept. and see if they also have such a license. It was not easy to get, but I did it. My HD said I was the first one to actually do all of the needed paperwork to get this license, it had been a couple of years since they had issued one. Most people see all of the requirements and throw in the towel. It was not cheap, but it was well worth it.

Junior Burger
Re:Any one in Indianapolis ? 2010/07/18 09:53:06
ok thanks I will check . I do not think they have that in IN though.Will find out Monday morning as I'll be contacting HD.
Junior Burger
Re:Any one in Indianapolis ? 2013/09/30 20:23:13
Can anyone send commissary options for  the Indianapolis area for a hot dog cart?