Dukes BBQ

2010/07/18 11:45:50
We live in the area so we decided to try Duke's BBQ.  There are 2 locations.  As it was explained to us at The Waltersboro location.  The original was the Waltersboro SC store.  This was then sold and the owner now has the Ridgeland SC store.  There was a Beaufort SC store, which was owned by the daughter. This store no longer exists and the daughter nows works helping Mom at the Ridgeland store.  We were told that food was the same.
We tried Waltersboro and absolutely loved it.  The restaurant was clean and the food was great.  There was a large selection, including pulled pork, fried chicken, homemade potato chips, onion rings, hush puppies, corn fritters, mac & cheese and much more.  There was a minimum of 4 veggies and a choice of salads and desserts.  The price is only $9 pp including drinks and tax (they also give a senior dicount).  They serve soft drinks, coffee and tea.
The Ridgeland store was about 1/2 full when we arrived.  We were unble to find a clean table.  There wasn't any one attempting to clean the tables.  We finally (after checking the whole place) sat at a table which appeared fairly clean but it was sticky.  We may have arrived after a rush, but no one showed any interest in helping us with a this.  The owner and her daughter were both present and thy weren't overly busy.  The menu was similar but missing many of the items which we enjoyed at Waltersboro. (no onion rings, corn fritters, strawberry shortcake) most of all they only served iced tea.  There may have been coffee.  My biggest issue was the food was extremely salty, especially the cole slaw (I couldn't eat it).  Even the fried chicken was saltier than usual.  The quality of the food just wasn't the same.
We will drive the extra miles (about an hour from home) to Waltersboro when we have a craving for Duke's, which is frequently.
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Junior Burger
Re:Dukes BBQ 2010/07/26 20:30:59
Don't forget one Dukes in Bamberg and two in Orangeburg.