Ridgeland SC, BBQ Grille Buffet

2010/07/18 12:16:52
We were in Ridgeland SC, Planning to try Duke's, but it was wednesday and they were closed.  So we got on Main Street going toward I-95  and saw a sign for a BBQ buffet.  It was in a small strip plaza, on the south side of the road about 1/2 mile west of 95.  They are called the BBQ Grille.  This is a small very clean buffet.  The staff is extremely friendly and the service was excellent.   They have smoked pulled pork, chopped pork with sauce, chopped beef brisket with sauce and BBQ chicken.  They have Smoked BBQ ribs in the evening and chicken gizzards for lunch.  A choice of veggies, Mac and cheese and a sweet potato souffle' (it was very good).  Soft drinks, tea and coffee are included in the $8.99 pp price. Oh I can't forget the homemade dinner rolls.  They were great for making a sandwich. 
They are open 11:00 to 9:00  wed, thurs, fri.
Cons; only dark meat chicken, no fritters or hush puppies (or any deep fried foods), only one dessert (banana pudding/pie...it was very good)
Note; We wondered how they expected to compete with Duke's (in Ridgeland), but after trying both, The BBQ Grille would be our choice.  We definitely plan to go back!
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