Holcutt's BBQ has reopened

2010/07/18 22:49:44
Holcutt's BBQ has reopened in Wheeling  WV. The new location is at 14th and Main. They have been open at this location for about 5 months and would like to see a lot of their Roadfood customers.
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Re:Holcutt's BBQ has reopened 2010/07/19 02:11:13

This is fantastic news!  I will be making a visit in the next couple days.  Knowing Travis Hocutt, the food will be excellent!

Thanks to sodawater43 for bringing this to our attention.
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Re:Holcutt's BBQ has reopened 2010/07/23 22:22:40
I did get down to Hocutt's BBQ tonight.  It is located right in downtown Wheeling, in an excellent location.  From what Travis is saying, business has been very good.

I didn't bother taking too many photos tonight, because Italian Fest was going on and Hocutt's didn't have their normal menu.  My buddy Mike and I will probably return in the next few weeks and I will file a full report then.

BTW, the hushpuppies were just as sublime as I remember!
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Re:Holcutt's BBQ has reopened 2010/08/15 10:10:20
Wanting to take some photos to get a review written, I stopped in at Hocutt's yesterday afternoon.  The bad news, the place was closed.  The good news, they were open at the Blues Festival along the river, only a block away.  Johnny and I went for a slaw dog, a pulled pork platter and two orders of the amazing hushpuppies.  While we were swooning over the food, Travis came over and gave us half a rack of ribs to sample.  They blew us away how good they were.  Just the night before, four of us drove to Weirton, WV, to hit Dee Jay's.  But these ribs were much, much better.

Since the restaurant wasn't open, I didn't take any photos.  Just gives me another reason to return real soon!