Troy Pig Out

2010/07/19 09:44:04
Hey folks,
I had a blast at the Troy Pig Out that was held Sat/Sun  July 17th and 18th at the Monument Park right along the Hudson River. This was the 3rd annual,  I believe and I'm sure hoping there will be a 4th. I went on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, a nice breeze from the river. The competitors were super friendly, but also were in "competition mode". They had a rough time overnight, as there was a succession of thunderstorm after thunderstorm, but they seemed to have prevailed in spite of the weather. I enjoyed listening t the music, as well as seeing the local Chef demonstrations. The combination brisket and pulled pork platter that I shared from Hickory BBQ Smokehouse from Kingston NY was laden with tasty morsels of meat, and the sauces on the side did not disappoint. All of the folks in attendance seemed to enjoy what seems to have been a very well run event. Kudos to the city of Troy, for a great time and I look forward to finding out the results of the competition. For anyone interested in who competed, as well as the vendor list, go to
I'm looking forward to next year already!!!
Matt Gleason
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Re:Troy Pig Out 2010/07/20 20:36:01
I'll have to mark this down for next year.  The Hickory definetly knows how to make a good pulled pork sandwich!  Their restaurant is on Rte 28 west, Kingston, NY, not far from where I live.  They set up at most of the local shows including the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY, Rib Fest in New Paltz, NY and Pickle Fest in Rosendale, NY.
Re:Troy Pig Out 2010/07/21 09:14:16
I think I've read about them before. There were a few locals, including Dinosaur selling que, but I've tasted theirs in Syracuse and I can wait till the new outpost opens in Troy come fall. I have to get down to the garlic festival one of these years, it looks like great fun.
seafarer john
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Re:Troy Pig Out 2010/07/21 13:15:39
I'm happy to hear that Linda liked the brisket from Hickory BBQ. I've always thought their pulled pork was OK. not great, but their brisket, last time I tried it at the restaurant on Rt 28 was dry and tasteless - I'll have to give it another try sometime soon.

Cheers, John 
Re:Troy Pig Out 2010/07/21 14:25:03
Hey John,
I think I was in the right place at the right time as they were just slicing up the brisket as I ordered, so it wasn't sitting around. I was happy it wasn't drenched in sauce so I could really taste the meat, it wasn't melt in your mouth tender, but it was far better than any brisket I've tried to make myself or what we get up here in the Capital District.