great breakfasts in Kansas City, MO

Junior Burger
2010/07/20 11:42:50
We have a breakfast crew that meets each Saturday morning in the Kansas City, MO area.  We go to different places each week.  Some of our favorites are: 
Chubby's on Broadway - good all 'round with some of the best bacon anywhere;  good grits for the Midwest.
The Hungry Mule in Lathrop, MO northeast of Kansas City just off I-35 - the cheapest and best breakfast anywhere that I have been lately.... the building is not pretty to look at,  good homemade cinnamon rolls too.
You Say Tomato - breakfast and lunch place at 2801 Holmes just south of Truman Medical Center.   Everything is fresh!  Quiches, good breads.  Good Coffee.
Cascone's Diner across from the City Market:  get there early it gets very busy.
Re:great breakfasts in Kansas City, MO 2010/07/20 13:59:19
How do you feel about Eggcetera?