Locked[FAQ]Posting Pictures To Forums

Matt Gleason
Health Inspector
2010/07/25 18:42:17
Posting pictures on Roadfood is easier than you think!  We encourage the attachment of pictures to your messages as it helps readers share your experience, it's one thing to discuss a great steak, lobster or dessert but to see it is another!!
First you will need a place accessable to the web to store your pictures.
1. You can become a Roadfood Insider which provides space for you to upload pictures and use around the site.  Go to www.roadfood.com/Insider for more!
2. If you have your own domain you can store picture there.  Store your pictures in the home directory or create a directory called "images".  To post a picture all you have to do is click on the Add Image icon above or hit CTRL G.  A box will appear and you enter the full URL of the picture you want to appear, for example: "http://www.domain.com/picture.jpg" OR "http://www.domain.com/images/picture.jpg", then click on Insert Image.
3. If you have a Photo Bucket or other file storing service, you can insert pictures directly by logging into your file storage account, go to the picture you would like to appear, right click and COPY the URL that has the [IMG] code.  Return to Roadfood and PASTE the code into your message.
When using these options you can preview your pictures before submitting by scrolling down and clicking on Preview.  A new window will open displaying the message as you would see it in real time.  If your picture does not show, close the preview window and check the spelling of the URL you entered.  DO NOT use the back button otherwise you will lose all of your text!
If you encounter errors, please contact me or one of the other Roadfood crew.