great unknown restaurant in lexington, ky

Junior Burger
2010/07/26 07:48:02
there is a restaurant called loudon square buffet in lexington, ky.   it is on the north side.  ...corner of north broadway & loudon ave.   it is in a rather pedestrian area.   the north end of lexington is traditionally more of the blue collar end.

the restaurant is a very plain & simple place, but it has great food and a great price. 

the buffet is very surprising & delicious.

i would highly recommend the stewed tomatoes!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:great unknown restaurant in lexington, ky 2010/07/26 08:03:06
Welcome to Roadfood!  I wouldn't exactly call it unknown, since it appeared in the 2002 Roadfood book.  It has been about six years since I was last there and it is nice to hear it is still good.