Food Tours

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
2010/07/27 14:47:02
Has Columbus gone Big-Time for foodies? It seems the city has finally joined other cities in offering food tours.
Junior Burger
Re:Food Tours 2010/07/28 11:44:12

Hah! Love to see this posted here!

My girlfriend and I run the business mentioned in the article, Columbus Food Adventures.  We'd love for Roadfoodies to check out our website, and we'd love to take you on a tour.

Send me a private message anytime this week, and I'll be happy to send you a '$10 off' coupon good for any of our tours.
Filet Mignon
Re:Food Tours 2010/07/28 15:21:27
Junior Burger
Re:Food Tours 2010/07/29 08:40:26
Thanks for the link, 6star.
Junior Burger
Re:Food Tours 2010/08/09 22:52:52
I have no intent of plugging my business mercilessly here on Roadfood, but I did want to share one thing. Unbeknownst to us, a professional videographer friend of ours took video footage (using what looked like a regular SLR camera...) and surprised us by putting together a pretty spectacular video of our taco truck tour.  Warning - borderline pornographic al pastor footage within: