Grillmasters BBQ-Perry,GA-exit #136

2010/07/27 16:15:24
i found this place under the hard circumstances of riding 21 hours to see my father on june 19th and then making the same st. augustine to indianapolis run on july 9th to bury him. grillmasters is a true BBQ joint. when you walk in the right hand side is the meat market and the left is where you get the food. the menu is limited which is always a great sign of a true pitmaster. the sides are to use an over worked phrase "to die for" and the meat and ribs need no sauce. wood used is a combo of pecan and red oak. the meats had the maghogany hue of pecan and while well smoked they were in no way over smoked. the brunswich stew is as good as my mother-in- law's and she grew up in west georgia. i highly recommend this place--it ain't fancy--and only does one thing but does it truly well!!!!
location is ez I-75 exit 136.
ps, the rodeway in right across the street has great rooms at low cost. bath tub is steel so us fat boys never have that bouncy feeling. place looks like an old plantation house and has a huge garden out back which was a good place for me to wander and get it all back together.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Grillmasters BBQ-Perry,GA-exit #136 2010/07/28 10:30:37
  Sorry to read of the circumstances of your trip(s), but thank you for taking the time to write-up this RF stop. Sounds like a place I'll have to take a look at on our next trip South.
Mayor Al