The Hungry Pedaler

Junior Burger
2010/07/28 17:33:05
Hi Roadfood Friends - 
My name's Dan Delaney. This will be my first post in your forum, so hopefully I've categorized this correctly.

I met Jane & Michael while they joined me as a guest on my web show, VendrTV, at the 2010 Roadfood Festival in New Orleans. 

Currently I'm developing a new show called The Hungry Pedaler ( where I'll be cycling through America discovering Roadfood style eateries. If all goes well I'll be leaving in August to take my first tour through coastal Maine, and am currently planning the route.

So my question is - do you Roadfoodies have any suggestions of places I MUST cover? Restaurants, of course... but really any part of local food culture would be great.

Thanks in advance for your insight.
dan [at] vendr [dot] tv   

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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:The Hungry Pedaler 2010/07/28 19:33:27
Hi Dan. Welcome to Roadfood. I look forward to the opportunity to see your show. I hope you'll share your experiences with us here on Roadfood.

Best of luck,

Re:The Hungry Pedaler 2010/08/03 08:43:33
Dan - looking forward to seeing your show! Will you be carrying your gear, or will you have a support crew with you? And what kind of bike will you be using? What kind of saddle? (I can't imagine staying comfortable for hours and hours on end day after day!).

I just got back into riding (just a local rail-trail), and started looking for roadfood choices along the way. 

Yours sounds like it will be one heck of an adventure!