Pizza bread for italian hotdogs

Junior Burger
2010/07/31 15:44:25
Does anyone know where i can get the italian hotdog pizza bread in Lancaster County,Pa????
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pizza bread for italian hotdogs 2010/07/31 20:54:24
I highly doubt that it's made there. There are no places in Lancaster that I know of that serve Italian Hot Dogs. One place in Eastern PA serves the pizzeria style Italian Hot Dog on a sub roll. I would ask a bakery if they would be interested in making some for you. Don't get your hopes up. Pizza bread is regional, and only really made in a few counties in N.J.

Maybe some day a baker who makes this bread will move and open up shop somewhere else. Although no one in his new location will know what it is, he can make a few a day and try to sell them. Even then it might be a tough proposition. I've heard of at least one New Jersey native who moved to Florida where there are many ex Jersyans who know and appreciate a true Italian Hot Dog made with pizza bread. He made pizza bread in Florida, but it wasn't the same because the water is different.

Lancaster is about 2 hours from where I live. I go to a beer festival at Stoudt's brewery once a year. If you're really serious about getting pizza bread, it may be possible to have one of our bakeries send it to you. There are distributors who may pick up the bread along with other products and send it your way.

If this doesn't work, you may have to go with a non traditional Italian Hot Dog like the many pizzerias in Jersey do. Then again I don't know if you have a business or are just someone looking to make this sandwich at home.
Re:Pizza bread for italian hotdogs 2010/07/31 23:58:02
Have you considered using Boboli Pre-made crusts?